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Educating for change

Talent Insight Solutions works with individuals and teams to provide insight into how humans behave, connect and work.

What motivates us?

Understanding, educating and adapting emotions and behaviours to enhance recruitment, engagement, retention and growth. That means that we use our expertise to work with organisations and deliver real-time insights and data to:

  • identify gaps
  • map training requirements,
  • design and deliver effective training,
  • align your people strategy and your corporate strategy.

Partnering for success

Talent Insight Solutions was founded by Australian eDISC Master Trainer Kylie Ellwood and keynote speaker, author and HR specialist Dr Anna Blackman.

We build on evidence-based research, using our combined industry expertise and academic know-how to help you understand people.

How we work with you

Looking below the surface for deep insight

Don’t judge a book by its cover. At face value, you may see a person’s qualifications, skill experience and even great references (but then no-one shares a bad reference, do they?). We use the tools that are at our disposal to help you dig deep and unearth the behaviours and motivations driving you or your team, and then walk you through clear strategies to make positive change.

Building the organisation

Insight Programs

Professional Development

Bespoke Training

Building the individual

Accredited Training



Uncovering motivation, thinking and behaviours to create functional teams

Recruitment and onboarding is expensive and time-consuming – and an investment that sometimes doesn’t pay off. It makes sense to look a little deeper, past obvious talent and discover the personality, quality and drive that may show a candidate’s amazing strengths or hidden weaknesses. Our pre-employment tools can prevent costly mistakes.

Diagnostic programs to get to the heart of the matter 

Identifying problems before they arise is the best possible scenario. We can help with that.

No matter where your business is or what point of the business lifecycle you’re at, we’ve got the tools to help.

Working with existing teams to streamline performance

Whether it’s general team productivity improvements, culture development or managerial training, we start with your current assets, and work towards your business goals. This can be through our coaching, professional development, bespoke training or one-on-one Insights packages.

We're ready to work with you