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Need to purchase Extended DISC and SEIP assessments?

Talent Insight Solutions are your go-to fr Extended DISC (eDISC) and Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP) assessments. If you want to use these tools in your organisation, we can help.


What is Extended DISC?

Make better business decisions – with confidence. Extended DISC (eDISC) gives you detailed behavioural insights that maximise employee performance. Eliminate wasted resources and time, and increase staff satisfaction levels. eDISC provides you with the information you need.

The eDISC tools can be applied at all levels of an organisation, depending on the most appropriate requirements for your goals. Reports at the individual, team and organisational levels can provide useful insights and guide the individual to his or her best way forward.


    How eDISC profiles help

    The reality is that as human beings we are all different. We have our own ways of doing things and behaving in different situations. These differences often cause challenges in our professional and personal lives. Understanding how we are different and how we can more effectively interact with different styles and, therefore, ultimately improve our performance.


      We can offer eDISC assessments to help with:

      • Recruiting and Selection
      • Leadership Development
      • Organisational Development
      • Sales and Sales Managment
      • Customer Service Training
      • Team Development
      • Coaching
      • Communication Training
      • Talent Management

      Types of assessments

      Individual DISC Assessments
      • Communication
      • Remote Worker Assessment
      • Grow & Develop
      • Sales & Service
      • Recruit & Select
      • Lead & Manage
      • Change Management
      Team DISC Assessments
      • Conflict Resolution
      • Team & Build
      • Team Culture Assessment
      • Work Pair
      Competence Assessments
      • Sales Development Assessment
      • Sales Recruitment Assessment
      • Sales Manager Assessment
      • Sales Team Assessment
      360 Feedback Assessments

      FinxS Open 360 is an online platform that allows clients to conduct 360 degree feedback assessments using their criteria. The process is fully automated, eliminating the administrative frustrations.

      Benefits of Open 360 Feedback include:

      • Increased self-awareness
      • Identification of problem areas
      • Self-perception vs reality (blind spots)
      • Improved communication
      • Improved performance
      • Professional development
      • Improved team dynamics
      • Compare feedback from year to year to identify areas of development
      Reasoning Analysis Test
      • Abstract Logical Reasoning
      • Understanding Logical Processes
      • Spatial Reasoning
      • Understanding Social Context
      • Numerical Reasoning
      • Verbal Reasoning
      • Mathematical Logical Reasoning
      • Word Association
      • Visual Memory
      Combination Assessments

      We’ve combined the best in workplace assessments into one easy-to-read report. These reports mean consultants no longer need to sift through multiple documents, instead all the critical information is consolidated into one document for easy access.

      We offer the following combination assessments:

      • DISC Sales IQ (a combination of Sales Competence and Sales 18 assessments)
      • DISC IQ (a combination of Reasoning Analysis and DISC assessments)
      • Climate Survey
      • Customer Engagement Survey
      • Employee Engagement Survey

      Who should use eDISC?

      If you’re a business leader who needs insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your staff in order to make effective strategic decisions you’ll benefit from the information our eDISC assessments provide.


        The eDISC Assessment System helps you:

        • Lead your organisation better
        • Better align your strategy with your staff skills and strengths
        • Enhance staff performance by working with their strengths
        • Retain your most valued employees
        • Understand and improve your organisational culture

        Looking for something else?

        We work extensively with eDISC assessments – we can also train you as an eDISC Practitioner or Consultant, or provide eDISC assessments as part of one of our Insights packages.

        Book your discovery call today to find our competitive Assessment rates.