Level 2 DISC Accreditation

Learn how to successfully overcome HR and people issues quickly. Become trained in the most intelligent DISC assessment.

Who is the level 2 course suited to?

The level two course is suited to any level one accredited disc practitioner looking for a deeper understanding of Extended DISC®, and it’s applications to business. We designed our Level One course to get you up and running with DISC in a day. In comparison, the Level Two DISC assessment training delves deep into people issues in the workplace and how our suite of assessment tools can overcome these barriers to organisational performance.

After over two decades in the assessment tool industry, we’ve combined our understanding of human behaviour, Extended DISC®, and workplace performance with industry insights from top consultants and HR Professionals across Australia to create the most practical DISC accreditation on the market. The Level Two course offers a holistic analysis of an individual, team or organisation, by incorporating the use of multiple DISC assessments and other complimentary assessment tools. The course will equip you with the skills to apply Extended DISC® to five fundamental areas of an organisation and how other workplace assessments can support development.

As a consultant or HR professional operating independently or in a larger organisation, you’ll learn how Extended DISC® can provide you with the ability to drill down into the real issues that enhance or restrict performance. You also learn how advanced and flexible the FinxS Online Platform is and why it’s unrivalled as a diagnostic tool.

The knowledge gained from the Level Two Accredited Consultant workshop will translate to all aspects of business and personal life. This workshop assists novices to seasoned professionals. Some of the most common types of attendees include:

  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Learning and Development Professionals
  • People and Capability Leaders
  • Trainers
  • Facilitators
  • Consultants
  • Coaches
  • Recruitment Managers

    How long is the DISC Accreditation training?

    The Level One Extended DISC In-house and Public Workshops are an interactive and practical full-day course focusing on DISC assessment training. The course runs for 7 hours and includes morning tea and lunch breaks.

    Our virtual course runs over two days and covers the same content as the public and in-house workshops. The two sessions are 3.5-hours and include a couple of short breaks for food and drink.

    The first section of the course covers the background of the DISC theory and an overview of the four DISC behavioural styles. We usually allow 120 minutes for this section which includes a video introduction to each DISC style and group discussion.

    We build a solid foundation of the four primary DISC styles and discuss their pressure points, stressors and fears of the DISC styles. Learn to pinpoint motivators and de-motivators. Understand how people are motivated, approach tasks and goals, experience stress and are likely to communicate. These attributes help to identify if an individual is working against their natural style, using more energy to perform specific tasks, or experiencing stress from the work environment. This section is crucial for managers to help spot when their employees are operating under a significant amount of stress. We allocate 30 minutes to cover this section.

    A large portion of the afternoon focuses on debriefing the Extended DISC reports, analysing the differences between Natural and Adjusted profiles, spotting patterns in the DISC profiles and tips when debriefing reports.

    The last part of the day covers statistics in the Global populations, some best practice guidelines when administering DISC assessments, and ethical considerations. We discuss some leadership considerations for the range of DISC profiles and also trends observed in the population over the last 20 years.

    Why should we take the Level One DISC Accreditation course?

    You will be trained and qualified by the one of the few authorised Extended DISC Master Distributor and Trainer in the country. Our experienced trainers equip you with techniques that will help you build high performing teams and create a recurring revenue stream quickly.

    Furthermore, through our DISC assessment training learn how to spot underlying emotions seen in graphs through the ten special cases. We explain how the special cases may impact a respondent in the workplace and what structures you can put in place to minimise the effects of underlying emotions. You will also learn why businesses commonly apply Extended DISC profiling in the workplace and how easy the FinxS platform is to use in administering reports for yourself or a client.

    You will gain:

    • A complimentary Extended DISC Assessment
    • An internationally recognised qualification in the world’s most advanced psychometric system
    • A DISC certification for life – it does not expire!
    • A User Guide Manual – full with simple step-by-step instructions to navigate the FinxS Online Platform
    • Unlimited access to our VIP Area at no additional cost with hundreds of video tutorials and presentations
    • Value-added tools to optimise individual, team and organisational performance
    • Marketing material to help you sell DISC assessments to add value to your offering

    We support you with excellent phone and email customer service with speedy response times to help you get the most out of FinxS and Extended DISC.

    How is the training delivered?

    Training is available online via video conference software or at a public venue. We also travel if required to provide training from the comfort of your own office.

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