Sports Capacity Assessment

At the highest level of athletic competition margins are minimal.  Everyone is athletically very gifted, disciplined and hard-working. However, athletic talent and hard work are not enough to become the best.

The Sports Capacity Assessments identifies an athletes’ greatest strengths and how to use them to improve performance and gain a competitive advantage.

The assessments were designed for elite athletes who are presently competing at:

  • Professional, semi-professional or national level
  • NCAA intercollegiate level
  • Lower levels, but determinedly striving to reach the above levels

The Sports Capacity Assessments were developed with both individual and team sport athletes and coaches in professional and national level athletics. All assessments are very intuitive. You will not spend time learning to interpret the report.

    Sports Capacity Assessment – Individual Reports

    Once an athlete completes the questionnaire only ONCE, you have access to all of these reports. You only pay one fee per athlete. You have access to all reports at no additional cost.

    Athlete Report – Achieve Your Full Potential

    The report includes:

    • Sport Competence scores
    • Strengths and challenges of each Sports Competence
    • Tips on how to manage and leverage each competence.  
    • Individualized questions designed to help the athletes to identify how well and extensively they have succeeded in utilizing these competences.  
    • Barriers to athletes’ development and success.

    The tool measures what competences are the athletes’ greatest strengths, and which ones represent potential blockades to reaching the top. Every competence is further broken down to three sub-competences to provide a deeper understanding on what to do and how to improve.

    Coach’s Report – Develop Winners

    The report includes:

    • Athletes’ Sports Competences scores
    • Impact of competences on athletic performance
    • How to best approach and coach athlete with their unique sports competences
    • Breaks-down of every competence into three sub-competences to provide a deeper understanding on how to best coach the athlete
    • SPORTS INDEX – How well the athlete is aware of their strengths and how strong those strengths are
    • TRAINING INDEX – How strong the athlete considers the competences mostly relating to training environment are
    • COMPETITION INDEX – How strong the athlete considers the competences mostly relating to competition environment are

    The Coach’s report also allows the comparison of the results with other athletes in the same sport.

    Sports Capacity Assessment – Team Reports

    Executive Summary

    Athletes Sports Competence Scores.

    Team Competence Table

    Distribution of the team members Sports Competences to identify:

    • Team members’ strengths
    • Competences the members want to try to make their strengths, succeeding occasionally or not quite fully reaching full proficiency.
    • What are not the team members’ strengths

    Team Competence Summary

    How to coach the team and every athlete with every Sports Competence.

    Team Index Summary

    Team members Sports Index, Training Index, and Competition Index Scores.

    What are the Sports Competences?

    • Egoism
    • Self Care
    • Extremism
    • Perfectionism
    • Competitive Power
    • Rhythm & Flow
    • Goal Focus
    • Repetitiveness
    • Momentary Concentration
    • Impatience
    • Aggression
    • Enjoyment
    • Bouncing Back
    • Dsicipline
    • Pressure Control
    • Preparation
    • Optimism
    • Sensing Intelligence