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Talent Insight Solutions – helping people understand people 

Anna and Kylie are the founding partnership of Talent Insight Solutions.  Whilst the partnership commenced in 2019, the partnership extends beyond the business all the way back to high-school.

The organisation brings together evidenced based research and business experience in start-ups and corporate environments to provide you with years of learning, growth, business acumen and experience.

Kylie’s Story

Kylie comes from a corporate and small business background and is at the top of her field as one of only 10 Extended DISC Master Trainers in Australia. There’s nothing she won’t help you to do that she hasn’t done herself – from leading teams of staff to refining sales strategies, uncovering human behaviours and motivations, and improving skills through training.  

Following years in corporate and sales roles, Kylie launched out as a business coach in 2009 with her business, Designer Mindset. This business grew to become Talent Insight Solutions, evolving from coaching to consulting, and now partnering with businesses to develop their teams to thrive.  

How would Kylie explain her job? 
“I love seeing the individuals in a team and helping those individuals to understand and adapt their behaviours and emotions. This has huge flow-on effects to the team and the organisation as a whole – and the tools we use to do this give a really accurate, data-backed picture. Once you have the right information, there’s so much we can do with it – from mapping and designing the right training to refining business strategy and making sure your team is set up for success.” 

In addition to her Extended DISC Master Trainer qualification, Kylie is an NLP Master Practitioner, an Institute of Social and Emotional Intelligence (ISEI) Certified Coach, and a FinxS Master Trainer. 

Kylie is an active member for the International Centre for Democratic Partnerships (ICDP) Pacific Dialogues in Brisbane and Fiji and a member of the ‘Mobile Me’ project to support mobility for inaccessibility.   

      Anna’s Story

      Dr Anna Blackman has an outstanding academic background. Over the last two decades, Anna has extensively studied, taught and published about business coaching, human resources and business management, plus rural and regional leadership. Online teaching and learning, as part and parcel of modern university life, is also one of Anna’s specialties.  

      In 2020, Anna left academia and her Associate Professor role behind and joined Talent Insight Solutions full-time to pursue the practical, applied side of her expertise. 

      How would Anna explain her job? 

      “I’ve always loved the hands-on, industry-based side of academic work, where we get to apply the theory to actual practice. Working with businesses of all sizes now means I get to use my talents in a whole new way, thinking about how best to develop people and link them up with the skills they need for success.” 

      Anna holds a PhD in business coaching, and is an Extended DISC Practitioner, an AHRI Certified Academic Fellow, a Cairns Institute Fellow, and the Vice President of Research for the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) Asia Pacific Region.  

      Anna is also a member of the International Centre for Democratic Partnerships (ICDP), and is a member of the Queensland AHRI State Council.

      Books & Publications

      Business Coaching

      Coaching and Mentoring in the Asia Pacific

      Co-authored by Dr Anna Blackman, Coaching and Mentoring in the Asia Pacific is the first book to put coaching and mentoring into an Asia Pacific context – exploring the challenges, benefits and differences in application, both in concept and practice.