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Building intentional cultures 

Michael Kouly, World Bank Fellow and senior international executive in global leadership said, “The culture of a company is the sum of the behaviours of all its people”. We couldn’t agree more.


Leading from the top

Increasingly, employees have a high expectation of positive experiences in the workplace. And there’s no denying that productivity, job satisfaction and retention are chiefly influenced by the environment. The tone of that environment is set from the leadership and flows down to every staff member.



    How we work with you


    Initial consultation meeting to understand your business goals and intentions


    Our engagement proposal of services provided for your approval


    Nominated candidates will be sent an invite to complete assessments


    Participants book a 60 minute debrief session with our consultants


    A 30-minute meeting with you to share recruit overview for you to compare and select your new hire

    Learning from surveys & removing personal bias

    Your starting point is understanding the level of alignment with your business values and goals. Talent Insight Solutions can administer a tailored, professional survey tool that delivers unbiased and insightful results.

    The reports you’ll receive aid in intuitive understanding for your leaders. This means it’s an easy step to design and deliver the right support to staff. You can expect improved company culture with:

    • Stronger team dynamics
    • Increasing productivity and individual performance
    • Identifying ‘hot spots’ and solutions
    • Understanding how your current culture impacts business
    • Benchmarking to see improvement over time

    Culture Tools

    Our Culture Insight tools are the perfect partner for your human resurce team. If you want to improve your culture overall or in jut one asect, we can help you with our Culture Insight Program. This program is a diagnostic consultation to understand the areas you need help with including:


    Pre-designed surveys

    Climate, Engagement or Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    Bespoke Surveys

    Design your surveys to understand a specific team or organisation’s strengths, opportunities and development areas. Gather information on the culture of your organisation. Analyse the level of dedication your employees feel toward their role and organisation

    Benchmarking surveys

    HR Professionals can create fully customisable, action-orientated workplace surveys that measure employee engagement and satisfaction, the organisational climate and customer satisfaction aligned with te company benchmark


    Get intentional about culture

    Employees who are loyal and enthusiastic about your business are worth their weight in gold