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Making the most of team culture 

For most businesses, teamwork is inescapable. Whether it’s a group of two or twenty, a group brings their collective skills and talents to solve a problem or move a project forward. The right group working in the right way is incredibly powerful. But you need to avoid conflicts and pressure build-ups.

How we help build successful teams

The path to success lies in ensuring any team is productive, synergistic and motivated. Easy said – not always easy to achieve. And with the increased mobility of today’s workforce, people flow in and out of teams, so dynamics change often.

Using eDISC (Extended DISC) and SEIP (Social Emotional Intelligence Profile) Assessments, Talent Insight Solutions partners with you to provide easy-to-understand reporting tools to identify underlying working styles, motivations, and behavioural dynamics. As the manager, this gives you the ‘secret key’ to building a successful team with the people you already have.

Why is Team Insight great for business?

Team Insight combines our individual assessments and team assessment to provide a clear, easy-to-use framework to understand complex issues quickly, to solve problems and to improve performance. It also presents a safe environment to discuss challenging topics productively.

Team Insight provides:

  • The big picture that enables decisions to be made with confidence
  • Management insights for assigning projects and delegating specific tasks
  • Draws on the strengths of the team
  • Helps to enhance team productivity
  • Maximise the natural skills of the group
  • Develop healthy communication and culture

What can be Team Insight be used for?

Recruiting a new employee into a team

Developing team strengths

Identifying training gaps

How we work with you


Initial consultation meeting to understand your business goals and intentions


Our engagement proposal of services provided for your approval


Nominated candidates will be sent an invite to complete assessments


Participants book a 60 minute debrief session with our consultants


A 30-minute meeting with you to share recruit overview for you to compare and select your new hire

Team Tools

We can provide multiple solutions to develop your team.


Team eDISC Assessment
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team & Build
  • Team Culture Assessment
  • Work Pair

Team Building with DISC

Applying our extensive range of tools helps us to give you clear insights into team behaviours. Together, we’ll clearly pinpoint where improvements or changes are needed for peak productivity and staff engagement.