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Understanding behaviours for workplace success 

Learning about people doesn’t come naturally to everyone – sometimes it takes workplace-driven professional development. But it’s time and money well spent.   

Our training programs give each team member a defined understanding of their own behaviours as well as others. Staff learn how to identify, sell and communicate using their natural behavioural style.    

Managers and leaders will be able to easily identify, read, lead, motivate and understand everyone to improve position and performance. These outcomes effortlessly lead to higher customer service levels – and happier staff. 

Professional Development

Looking to deliver a new professional development program for your team? We have a variety of in-house and online training courses to build skills, across: 

  • Understanding personality 
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence 
  • Sales 

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While our training is always tailored to your organisation, sometimes your schedule or your team’s needs mean none of our existing courses quite match up. But don’t worry about that – our Bespoke training option means that our consultants put their decades of experience across both business and academia to work, building a custom course that suits you down to the ground.

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Accredited Training

With one of only 10 eDISC Master Trainers in Australia on our team, we can train you or your team to also become expert eDISC practitioners or consultants. Our Accredited courses include: 

  • Extended DISC Practitioner 
  • Extended DISC Consultant 
  • Sales Competency 
  • Reasoning Analysis 
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence Profiling (SEIP) 

 Whether this is upskilling, branching out or just learning about how people interact, our Accredited Training is delivered in a warm, friendly and encouraging environment. You can also receive professional development credit for your ICF and AHRI membership.  

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We work with your team and talents

As your business grows and expands, Talent Insight Solutions are here to help. Whether it’s finding the right people to bring on board, refining and inspiring your team, or diving deep into culture improvement, we have the tools, techniques and experience to get the job done. 


We’ll give you the tools you need to bring the right people on board, saving time and trouble. 


Not all teams work well together from the start. We’ll use our experience and external perspective to troubleshoot your teams and shape them into a powerhouse.


Leaders are constantly learning – about themselves and about how to lead. We’ll help guide that learning so you can guide your staff.


A great business culture doesn’t happen by accident. Be intentional, and we’ll help you build a culture that drives your business forward. 

Been burned by outdated, snooze-worthy training programs and presentations?

You won’t find those here, as we tailor each of our programs directly to your business. We’ll engage you and your staff, whether that’s one-on-one, in a group setting, via our online platform or through follow-up emails.  

The result? A healthy business with people who understand each other and the way they work best. 

Not sure which solution is right for you?

We can help you choose the solution your business needs.