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Upskilling or starting as a consultant?
Our Accredited offerings will give the boost you need

What Accredited training do we offer? 

At Talent Insight Solutions, we believe in giving you the tools to effectively improve and develop your own team over time. Sure, we’re able to help as consultants, but we also enjoy empowering organisations to use eDISC tools and training. With one of only 10 eDISC Master Trainers in Australia, we have the right skills to pass on. 

Most of our Accredited training is delivered in a full-day workshop format, but we can tailor this to suit your business and your availability. We offer: 

  • Extended DISC Level 1 – Practitioner 
  • Extended DISC Level 2 – Consultant
  • Sales Competence  
  • Reasoning Analysis 
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence Profiling 
    Extended DISC Practitioner Training

    Extended DISC (or eDISC) tools are part of our daily practice – and we’d love them to be a part of yours too.  

    eDISC Practitioner training is perfect to get you up and running with DISC in just one day. You’ll learn about the behavioural styles, how to motivate people according to their behavioural style, workplace behaviour essentials and how to use eDISC assessments in the workplace. On completing the course, you’ll be DISC certified for life – no need to re-take the training!  


    Extended DISC Consultant Training

    eDISC Consultant training takes your skills a step further, if you’re branching out on your own as a coach or wanting to offer more advanced insights to your organisation. This is a two-day intensive course. While Practitioner training focuses on the individual, Consultant training looks at the wider organisation and how individuals fit within it. You’ll learn about more diagnostic tools, plus the five fundamental areas of an organisation.  

    Social and Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach

    Social and emotional intelligence is irreplaceable in today’s workplace, where people are bringing their ‘whole selves’ to work. We are Accredited SEIP coaches by the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence (ISEI), and partner with People Builders Institute to deliver the Social and Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach training. When you upskill as a SEIP Certified Coach, you’ll learn how to conduct a Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP) assessment as a coach or HR manager and keep this valuable knowledge in your organisation. This one-day course is worth 12 ICF professional development points.

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    Sales Competence

    Selling is a crucial business skill to get right – who wouldn’t want to boost their team’s performance? Sales Competence Accreditation is perfect for sales coaches, managers or HR managers overseeing sales teams. In a one-day training, you’ll learn how to use the Sales Evaluation tool, to provide insights on how to take a sales team from whoa to go and improve your sales results. 

    Reasoning Analysis

    Reasoning Analysis Accreditation adds another tool to your recruitment arsenal as a HR manager, leader or coach. We’ll train you to use the Reasoning Analysis tools in the FinxS platform, so that you can evaluate and select the right candidates, the first time. With Reasoning Analysis Accreditation, you’ll be able to interpret a Reasoning Analysis report and apply the insights to your existing team or new candidates.  

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