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Understanding Personality 

Personality – we all have one, and we’re all different! Our eDISC-based personality professional development is a great introduction to the world of behavioural styles, starting with an eDISC assessment and then teaching your team what it means for them and for their work. We can tailor the content to your organisation, making the training even more powerful. 

Perfect for sales teams, management or customer service, the Talent Insight Solutions team will take you deep into the world of human behaviour, unpacking how personality impacts communication, productivity and delegation in the workplace. 



    Social and Emotional Intelligence

    Empathy and emotional IQ are two of the most important things your team can bring to the workplace. Our Social and Emotional Intelligence professional development sessions will help your team understand how they engage and behave, and how to use social and emotional intelligence to relate to colleagues and customers on a whole new level. 

    Sales Training 

    Equip your sales managers and team with the skills and strategies they need to make a positive difference in sales. Our sales training combines the power of eDISC personality insights and practical sales strategies to help your teams understand each other and their customers.

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