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Your team is made up of complex people in a busy world. But in the right environment, with the right training, they can be endlessly creative, energetic and committed.

Recruit Insight

Whether you're hiring your first (or your fiftieth) team member, we'll help you find the right talent for the job.

Team Insight

Have the right people, but not sure if they're performing at their best? We have tools to help you understand your team.

Leader Insight

Want to level up your leadership skills and become more effective and empowering as a manager? Leader Insight is for you.

Culture Insight

Setting the right tone for your business is key to success - and our culture diagnostics will help you get to the heart of any issues.

Got problems? Got potential?

Get Insights.

At Talent Insight Solutions, we help in two key areas:

● solving your people problems
● igniting your team’s potential 

Generating true ‘lightbulb moments’ for your team that boost your business to the next level takes science, experience and perception. That’s where we can help.

Founded by Australian eDISC Master Trainer Kylie Ellwood and keynote speaker, author and Dr Anna Blackman, we fuse evidence-based research with industry acumen to deliver:

● tailored training,
● coaching,
● psychometric assessments, and
● professional development programs 

Solutions to build strong teams

Get the right people,

in the right place,

doing the right things.


Using the latest evidence-based system, we’ll help you identify key qualities in your team or prospective new hires.


From our decades of academic and workplace experience, we’ll help you identify what’s holding you or your team back.


We can build bespoke training programs and deliver them anywhere in the world, thanks to our online platform.

'We are surrounded by data, but starved for insights'

 - Jay Baer

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Client Insights

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